All evolution begins with a difference


May 3rd 2016, Pavillon Gabriel, Paris



This year, it’s happening on May, 3rd at Le Pavillon Gabriel in Paris. It will change your perception on how you look at finance today. It will awaken you on the infinite possibilities and solutions you have to use a more transparent, a more customer-centric and a more human service than you used to. The rules of the finance sector are changing as we enter the new era of the customer and we are the ones rethinking the financial services.

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They will be on stage to talk about evolution within the Fintech field. This panel of hand-picked influencers will tackle challenges regarding the French ecosystem within the global economy and will define what the future holds for all stakeholders.

  • Sean Park

    Founder, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at Anthemis Group.

  • John Donovan

    First employee and ex-COO of Lending Club

  • Hugo Frey Jensen

    Governor of Denmark’s National Bank

  • Nick Leeder

    Director at Google France

  • Emmanuel Macron

    Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital

  • Laurent Solly

    Director at Facebook France

  • Anna Irrera

    Journalist at Dow Jones Financial News

  • François Villeroy de Galhau

    Governor at Banque de France

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  • Marie-Claire Capobianco

    Director at BNP Paribas

  • Philippe Collombel

    Managing Partner at Partech Ventures

  • Bruno Le Maire

    MP L’Eure

  • Valérie Rabault

    Budget rapporteur for the French National Assembly

  • Huy Nguyen Trieu

    Fintech Expert in residence at Oxford

  • Sophie Viger

    Director at Web@cademie

  • Damien Bancal

    Cybersecurity expert

  • Patricia Charléty

    Professor of Economics at ESSEC Business School

  • Niklas Arvidsson

    Professor of Education at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  • Ashley Taylor

    Cultural Implementation Strategist at Consensys

  • Alain Bensoussan

    Lawyer, specialized in new technologies

  • Lory Kehoe

    Blockchain consultant at Deloitte Ireland

  • Peter Todd

    Bitcoin and Blockchain developer

  • Natacha Quester Semeon

    Spokeswoman #JamaisSansElles

  • Stéphane Dubois

    CEO Xignite

  • Nozha Boujeema

    Research director Inria Big Data

  • Luc Ferry

    Philosopher, Writer, Former Minister of Education

  • Antoine Larigaudrie

    Journalist BFM Business

  • Mac Lesggy

    Scientific journalist



Fintech R:Evolution engages precisely what is innovative within the French economy. It is not just a conference, it’s an assembly who put their heads together and define what French Fintechs will achieve at an international level.

Conference Hall

Fintech R:Evolution Opening


Opening remarks

  • Antoine Larigaudrie, Master of Ceremony
  • Alain Clot, Chairman France Fintech

Fintech, hype or in-depth change ?

  • Sean Park, Founder, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at Anthemis Group
  • Philippe Collombel, Managing Partner at Partech Ventures
  • Anna Irrera, Journalist for Dow Jones Financial News – Moderator

Fintech : a strong need for a new academic offering

  • Huy Nguyen Trieu, Fintech Expert in residence at Oxford
  • Sophie Viger, Director at Web@cademie

Start-up Weekend Fintech Awards Ceremony


Lending Club, a success story told from the inside

  • John Donovan, First employee and ex-COO of Lending Club
  • Anna Irrera, Journalist for Dow Jones Financial News

Is a bankless world possible ?

  • Marie-Claire Capobianco, Director of French Retail Banking, BNP Paribas
  • Nick Leeder, Director at Google France
  • Laurent Solly, Director at Facebook France
  • Antoine Larigaudrie, Journalist BFM Business – Moderator

Are we heading towards a cashless society ?

  • Hugo Frey Jensen, Governor of Denmark’s National Bank
  • Niklas Ardvisson, Professor at KTH Institute Stockholm
  • Patricia Charléty, Professor of Economics at ESSEC
  • Etienne Boillot, CEO Eiffel Investment Group – Moderator

Networking break


Keynote by François Villeray de Galhau, Governor at Banque de France


Speech #JamaisSansElles

  • Natacha Quester-Séméon, Spokeswoman for JamaisSansElles
  • Guy Mamou Mani, Chairman of Syntec Numérique

Fintech seen by politicians

  • Valérie Rabault, Budget rapporteur for the French National Assembly
  • Bruno Lemaire, MP L’Eure
  • Benoit Bazzocchi, Board Member at France Fintech
  • Olivier Goy, Board Member at France Fintech

What really lies behind the blockchain ?

  • Ashley Taylor, Cultural implementation Strategist at Consensys
  • Peter Todd, Bitcoin and Blockchain developer
  • Lory Kehoe, Blockchain consultant for Deloitte Ireland
  • Jean-Michel Pailhon, Advisor France Fintech – Moderator

Destructive innovation within finance

  • Luc Ferry, Philosopher, Writer, Former Minister of Education

Closing remarks

  • Emmanuel Macron, Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs

Cocktail & Networking

Network Hall & First floor

40+ Pitchs of Fintech CEO’s

All Afternoon

Experiment a world without a bank

To reveal how the Fintech experience can change our daily routine, a consumer path B2C will be recreated.


  • Get to open your Compte Nickel account
  • Pay with your mobile with Lydia App
  • Do your first transactions on Blockchain with Ledger
  • Know what insurance hides behind your credit card thanks to Fluo
  • Open your Payton card
  • Manage your savings account with robo-advisors Advize, Fundshop, WeSave and Yomoni.

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