The Launch of Data Liberation!

The 3rd edition of our annual event Fintech R:Evolution is happening on April, 10th PM in Paris, STATION F.
After a disruptive wave focused on usages and specific brick trades, fintechs are entering the era of technological revolution and spreading global models that reshape the landscape of financial services. It’s the launch of Data Liberation!
This year, themes such as change of the regulatory environment, artificial intelligence, blockchain, new business models or even scalability will all be discussed.

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STATION F is the biggest campus of startups in the world. Located in Paris, this project led by Xavier Niel is expanded over 34 000 square meters and gathers a whole entrepreneurial ecosystem under a unique roof. 1000 startups and many other members of the international entrepreneurial ecosystem are present on a daily basis on the campus, making STATION F a unique place.


  • Speakers VIP
    Delphine Geny-Stephann

    Secretary of State to the Minister of Economy and Finance

  • Speakers VIP
    Jean-David Chamboredon

    CEO, ISAI | Co-president, France Digitale

  • Speakers VIP
    Gaspard Koenig

    Philosophy Professor, author | President, GenerationLibre

  • Speakers VIP
    Aurélie Jean

    PhD, Computational scientist, entrepreneur

  • Speakers VIP
    Olivier Goy

    President, Lendix | VP, France FinTech

  • Speakers VIP
    Teddy Pellerin

    Co-founder, Heetch

  • Speakers VIP
    Luc Julia

    VP Innovation, Samsung | Co-creator, Siri

  • Speakers VIP
    Axelle Lemaire

    Partner, Global Head de Terra Numerata - Roland Berger | Former Secretary of State for Digital Affairs

  • Speakers VIP
    Geoffroy Guigou

    COO, Younited | Member of the board, France FinTech

  • Speakers VIP
    Laure de La Raudière

    Member of Parliament | Member of the Commission for Economic Affairs

  • Speakers VIP
    Alain Clot

    President, France FinTech

  • Speakers VIP
    Isabelle Ryl

    Deputy CEO for transfer and industrial partnership, INRIA

  • Speakers VIP
    Hugues Le Bret

    CEO, Compte Nickel

  • Speakers VIP
    Robert Ophèle

    President, AMF

  • Speakers VIP
    David Gurlé

    CEO, Symphony Communication Services

  • Speakers VIP
    Delphine Cuny

    Associate Editor Banking and Finance, La Tribune

  • Speakers VIP
    Joan Burkovic

    CEO, Bankin' | Member of the board, France FinTech

  • Speakers VIP
    Franck Guiader

    Head of FinTech, Innovation and Competitiveness, AMF

  • Speakers VIP
    Jonathan Herscovici

    CEO, WeSave | Member of the board, France FinTech

  • Speakers VIP
    Paul-François Fournier

    Executive director, Bpifrance Innovation

  • Speakers VIP
    John Egan

    Author, expert in Retail banking

  • Speakers VIP
    Eric Larchevêque

    CEO, Ledger

  • Speakers VIP
    Cyril Chiche

    CEO, Lydia | Member of the board, France FinTech

  • Speakers VIP
    Roxanne Varza

    Director, Station F

  • Speakers VIP
    Ambre Soubiran

    CEO, Kaiko

  • Speakers VIP
    Charles de Gastines

    CEO, Paylead

  • Speakers VIP
    Amélie de Montchalin

    Member of Parliament | Member of the Commission for Finances

  • Speakers VIP
    Arthur Breitman

    Co-founder, Tezos

  • Speakers VIP
    Pierre Paperon

    Co-founder, Solid

  • Speakers VIP
    Benoît Bazzocchi

    CEO, SmartAngels | Member of the board, France FinTech

  • Speakers VIP
    Clément Coeurdeuil

    CEO, Budget Insight

  • Speakers VIP
    Jehan de Castet

    CEO, Fluo | Member of the board, France FinTech

  • Speakers VIP
    Patrice Bernard

    Author | Founder, C'est pas mon idée !

  • Speakers VIP
    Caroline Lamaud

    Co-founder, Anaxago | Member of the Board, France FinTech

  • Speakers VIP
    Olivier Debeugny

    CEO, Lingua Custodia

  • Speakers VIP
    Aurelia Negre

    Data Scientist, Quantmerty


  • Master Stage
  • French tech central
  • Open platform
  • Techshop
  • Your arrival
2.00 PM

Opening remarks & Warm welcome

  • Laura-Jane Gautier, MC
  • Roxanne Varza, Director of Station F
2.10 PM

The launch of Data Liberation!

  • Alain Clot, President of France FinTech
2.20 PM

Interview - Is data management challenging the retail banking models?

  • John Egan, CEO of L'Atelier BNP Paribas
  • Interviewed by: Caroline Lamaud, Co-founder of Anaxago, member of the Board of France FinTech
2.30 PM

Panel - Regulation directions: will France carve up the lion's share?

  • Joan Burkovic, CEO of Bankin’, member of the Board of France FinTech
  • Laure de La Raudière, Member of Parliament, member of the Commission for Economic Affairs
  • Axelle Lemaire, Partner, Global Head at Terra Numerata - Roland Berger, former Secretary of State for Digital Affairs
  • Moderated by: Delphine Cuny, Associate Editor Banking and Finance, La Tribune
2.50 PM

Interview - The Heetch case: do you have to go to legal clash to settle in regulated markets?

  • Teddy Pellerin, Co-founder of Heetch
  • Interviewed by: Geoffroy Guigou, COO of Younited, member of the Board of France FinTech
3.00 PM

Keynote - EU countries regulation: intra or infra European stakes?

  • Robert Ophèle, President at AMF, board member of ESMA
3.20 PM


3.40 PM

Keynote - IA - IoT - Data Science: from new to next evolution

  • Luc Julia, VP Innovation at Samsung Electronics, Co-creator of Siri
3.50 PM

Panel - Has AI officially infiltrated the Fintech industry?

  • Olivier Debeugny, CEO of Lingua Custodia
  • Aurélie Jean, PhD, Computational Scientist, Entrepreneur
  • Aurélia Nègre, Data Scientist at Quantmetry
  • Moderated by: Isabelle Ryl, Deputy CEO for transfer and industrial partnership at INRIA
4.10 PM

Keynote - Paris-Vierzon-San Francisco: itinerary of the crypto security leader

  • Eric Larchevêque, CEO of Ledger
4.20 PM

Panel - Blockchain: data unchained

  • Arthur Breitman, Co-founder of Tezos
  • Pierre Paperon, Co-founder of Solid
  • Ambre Soubiran, CEO of Kaiko
  • Moderated by: Benoît Bazzocchi, CEO of SmartAngels, member of the Board of France FinTech
4.40 PM

Keynote - ICO: Paris, the Eldorado?

  • Franck Guiader, Head of FinTech, Innovation and Competitiveness at AMF (Financial Markets Authority)
4.50 PM


5.10 PM

Interview - Compte Nickel + BNP Paribas = inclusion2

  • Hugues Le Bret, CEO of Compte Nickel
  • Interviewed by: Cyril Chiche, CEO of Lydia, VP of the Board of France FinTech
5.20 PM

Panel - How data will reinvent financial services models?

  • Clément Coeurdeuil, CEO of Budget Insight
  • Charles de Gastines, CEO of Paylead
  • Jonathan Herscovici, CEO of WeSave, member of the Board of France FinTech
  • Moderated by: Patrice Bernard, author, founder of C’est pas mon idée !
5.40 PM

Interview - The French comeback of the data maestro

  • David Gurlé, CEO of Symphony Communication Services
  • Interviewed by: Jehan de Castet, CEO of Fluo, member of the Board of France FinTech
5.50 PM

Panel - From ponycorns to unicorns: how will the scale-up nation - France - be funded?

  • Jean-David Chamboredon, CEO of ISAI, Co-President of France Digitale
  • Paul-François Fournier, Executive Director of Bpifrance Innovation
  • Amélie de Montchalin, Member of Parliament, member of the Commission for Finances
  • Moderated by: Olivier Goy, President of Lendix, VP of France FinTech
6.10 PM

Keynote - Personal data: a precious gem?

  • Gaspard Koenig, Philosophy Professor, author, president of the think-tank GenerationLibre
6.30 PM

Closing - Fintech Paradise: Paris, the place to be?

  • Delphine Geny-Stephann, Secretary of State to the Minister of Economy and Finance
7.00 PM



Our early stage startups step into the arena to pitch their project and try to win the pitch contest! Come discover their diversity and support them! An initiative in partnership with L'Atelier BNP Paribas.

02.00 PM

Introduction by L'Atelier BNP Paribas

02.16 PM


02.22 PM


02.28 PM


02.34 PM


02.40 PM


02.46 PM


02.52 PM


02.58 PM


03.04 PM

Questions - réponses

03.20 PM


03.40 PM

Introduction by L'Atelier BNP Paribas

03.46 PM

Happy Capital

03.52 PM


03.58 PM


04.04 PM


04.10 PM


04.04 PM


04.22 PM


04.28 PM


04.34 PM


06.30 PM

Award ceremony on the master stage.

Scale-Up Experiences

During an exclusive tour, come live an immersive fintech experience, discover the live demos and meet our members!
Network with Swapcard through the event.

  • Anaxago
  • Bankin'
  • Famoco
  • FinAvenue
  • Fluo
  • iBanFirst
  • InfoTrie
  • Kantox
  • Ledger
  • Lemonway
  • Lendix
  • Limonetik
  • Linxo
  • Lydia
  • Mieuxplacer
  • Qonto
  • Spendesk
  • WeSave
  • WeShareBonds
  • Yomoni
  • Younited Credit

Start-Up Workshops

A sequel of discussions on fintech’s key themes, animated by our partners. Come meet our startup member representatives, delivering their analysis all afternoon long.

02.05 PM

Savings & Investments

    By Suravenir, with
  • Léonard de Tilly, founder & CEO of Fundshop
  • Philippe Auther, Partner - Howard at Onepoint
  • Florent Robert, founder & CEO of Bruno
02.30 PM

Project financing & Fintech’s Solutions for CFOs

    By Julhiet Sterwen, with
  • Samuel Cohen, founder & CEO of France Barter
  • David Guyot, founder & CEO of Pandat
  • Valéry Giard, founder & CEO of Prexem
02.55 PM


    By BlackFin, with
  • Olivier Détour, founder & CEO of Netheos
  • Michel Ivanovsky, founder & CEO of Mipise
  • Hervé de Kermadec, founder & CEO of Webhelp KYC Services
03.20 PM

Networking pause

03.40 PM

Pension & Succession

    By Generali, with
  • Arthur Jacquemin, founder & CEO of & Maretraite.f
  • Guillaume Piard, founder & CEO of Nalo
  • Emmanuel Grimaud, founder & CEO of Maximis
04.05 PM

Corporate infrastructures & data analysis

    By Salesforce, with
  • Pierre Queinnec, founder & CEO of Jenji
  • Cédric Nallet, co-founder & CEO of Smartpush
04.30 PM

Sustainable Finance

    By Financement Participatif France, with
  • Aurèle Moniot, Product Manager of NeuroProfiler
  • Nicolas Weissleib, founder & DG of Paygreen
  • Audrey Destang, partner & Head of Rating de Early Metrics
04.50 PM

Networking pause

05.10 PM


    By Oliver Wyman, with
  • Jérôme Traisnel, founder & CEO of SlimPay
  • Grégoire Bourdin, CEO of Treezor
  • Sylvain-Mathieu Lamarche, president of Easytransac
05.35 PM


    By Metlife, with
  • Anne-Claude Pons, founder & president of Wilov
  • Clément Francomme, founder & CEO of Utocat
  • Laure Laqueille, Head of Data of +Simple
06.00 PM

Solutions for freelancers & new working styles

    By Le Journal du Net, with
  • Nicolas Reboud, founder & CEO de Shine
  • Tristan Leteurpre, founder & CEO de Mooncard
  • Erwan Bertheleme, founder & CEO de Formee
06.25 PM

End of workshop

How to come to Station F?

To come easily at Station F, enjoy €10 off your first ride with Heetch.
Promo code : FFT18.

Address : 5 Parvis Alan Turing - 75013 Paris

Métro : Ligne 6 (Station Chevaleret), Ligne 14 (Station Bibliothèque François Mitterrand)
RER : RER C (Bibliothèque François Mitterand)
Bus : 89, 62, 325, 27

Parking nearby : Parking Indigo, 21 Rue Abel Gance, 75013 Paris

Restoration : foodtrucks will be present outside Station F. Breaks are planned during the afternoon.